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About us
XY Optics product Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer who supplies optics components and mechanical equipments to a wide spectrum of industries. Since XY′s inception, the company has focused its primary development expertise on producing products upon customer′s specific requirement.

It also possesses the essential technology in products like Microscope, Endoscope, and rifle scope. The Manufacturing Center of XY is located at Changchun, a city famous for its manufacturing and research industry in Asia, in the province of Jilin. While investing heavily in our own research and development, XY has also established long-term partnership with leading universities in China in the optoelectronics area...

In the past year, 70% of XY′s Products have been sold overseas to 15 countries including United Kingdom, America, Canada, German, Russia, Brazil and Austria etc. XY has been using, such as Leybold high vacuum experimentation systems. Disco dicing saw, Zygo interferometer, have ensured that XY is able to provide the best quality products in the industry.

XY Optics′ mission is to produce products of the highest quality, at the lowest price, with quickest demand-driven production and fastest shipping superior services. XY will continue its high standard performance in the Optoelectronics industry.