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  15th November 2007 - American delegation will visit our company.

17th December 2007 - X&Y Optics New Tech Meeting

Filters product revelation
X & Y offers IR cut filters and optical low path filters (OLPF) at competitive prices for cell phones and digital camera applications. Absorption, and particularly wavelength selective absorption, is an important factor in the functioning of filters. The two most common absorbers are thin metallic films, which are particularly insensitive to wavelength for absorption, and colored glasses, which absorb wavelengths varying by as much as several orders of magnitude in only tens of manometers. Interference filters are multilayer dielectric thin film devices. Metallic films, coloured glasses and thin dielectric film filters are all available from X&Y provides all kinds of filters including IR Cut Filter Interference Filter, Colour Glass Bandpass filter, Neutral Density Filter (Absorptive) Neutral Density Filter (Reflective) etc.
IR Cut Filter
Individual Neutral Density Filters
Birefringent Filters
Interference Filter    
Color Glass Bandpass Filter

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