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  15th November 2007 - American delegation will visit our company.

17th December 2007 - X&Y Optics New Tech Meeting



  X & Y Optoelectronics Company Changchun Limited is a leading manufacturer who supplies optoelectronic components and mechanical equipments to a wide spectrum of industries. Since X&Y¨s inception, the company has focused its primary development expertise on producing products upon customer¨s specific requirement. Crystalloid, Optics and Electronics are the three key technologies X & Y has focused on developing and won great reputation for X&Y worldwide. It also possesses the essential technology in products like Microscope, Endoscope, and rifle scope. The Manufacturing Center of X&Y is located at Changchun, a city famous for its manufacturing and research industry in Asia, in the province of Jilin. While investing heavily in our own research and development, X&Y has also established long-term partnership with leading universities in China in the optoelectronics area. In 2006, X&Y¨s UK subsidiary, X&Y Optoelectronics Company Limited has opened its office in Bath to further expand X&Y¨s overseas market.

In the past year, 70% of X&Y¨s Products have been sold overseas to 15 countries including United Kingdom, America, Canada, German, Russia, Brazil and Austria etc. X&Y has been using, such as Leybold high vacuum experimentation systems. Disco dicing saw, Zygo interferometer, have ensured that X&Y is able to provide the best quality products in the industry.

X&Y Optics' mission is to produce products of the highest quality, at the lowest price, with quickest demand-driven production and fastest shipping superior services. X&Y will continue its high standard performance in the Optoelectronics industry.

Address: Room410, Changrong Mansion(B), 1688#, Puyang Street,LuYuan District,Changchun City, Jilin Province, China(130061)
Tel: 0086 431 85889130 Fax :0086 431 85889120 Email: china@xyoptics.com  Record No.JI ICP09001653